I am in a Music Video Y'ALL!!!

Im not a music video vixen though! Haha! My days of being in the club are so over. One of my girlfriends reading this today that rode that ride with me knows exactly what I am talking about. Even though she would probably tell me that I was probably one of the boring “good” ones in the group. I had my fair share of moments like we all have *shrugs shoulders*.

But I digress! You all know that I am all about empowering HER but I have to take a moment and shout out the HIM in this article. This is the afrobeats singer, songwriter and artist, Tytanium.

Who is Tytanium?:

Tytanium was born in the southern region of Delta State, Nigeria. He grew up on gospel music and as he got older he was introduced to the likes of MI Abaga, Dbanj, Eminem and others. This led to the forming of the artist Tytanium is today. His musical career began in 2011 strictly as hip hop but has gradually evolved to what it is today. Best description of his genre is Afro-Urban. Developed by giving hip hop and RnB an African twist with the melodies, language and rhythm. Witty lines and fun lyrics have been his staple to engage the emotions of different aspects of love and life he tackles in his music.



I am so excited to share that I will be featured in my first music video on August 16th! Now, let me tell you a little back story of the video. I am sitting in a park listening to music and fanastizing as I write in my journal (which is something I actually do on a normal day). As I begin listening to the Afrobeats artist, Tytanium in his song "Tomorrow", I fall into to a deep sleep where I begin to dream that me and Tytanium actually meet and have a "dreamy" cute day in the park together. But wait! I wake up just to realize that it was nothing but a dream. BUMMER, right?! Lol. Well I don't want to spoil everything but there is a little twist at the end! This story tells a tale of lovers finding each other during a night out. It is a love story told with the aid of smooth vibes instrumentals and vocals.


Please come out and support this amazing international artist as he performs August 16, 2018 @7:00pm at 6238 Richmond Ave. The event is FREE, as a curiosity from the man himself, Tytanium. so come out and enjoy a night of fun. Make sure you register online at Eventbrite to secure your spot. Will you be in attendance? 

XOXO, Ericka Warnita 

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