Vision for Your Life is Important

Who says that it is too late or too early to create a vision board. Forget what the people say! It is never too late. We are a month into the new year according to the calendars standards but in my mind my year starts whenever I put my pen to paper. No one can define my year but me and of course God who is the real creator of my life calendar. So what are you waiting for lets start this year off! God’s way because truth be told, He has no time.

Vision is such an important part of our lives. Without vision our lives are unseen. The unknown becomes more frightening and the known haunts our very existence. Without it how can you put one foot infront of the other? How can you tell others what color an object is if you cannot see it yourself? The Bible says, without vision the people get out of controlwrite the vision and make it plain upon your heart. Your visions shows others who you are and what you stand for. It defines your very existence without you having to say a single word.


I did not want to spend time showing you all my vision board and binder, but I wanted to encourage you to tell you that it is not too late. When I created my vision board it made me realize so much about myself. That there was so much that I had inside of me, locked up potential that was waiting to flourish but I was allowing everything else get in front of it like a door with barricades in front of it. Whether it was other peoples visions, ideas, and aspirations. I thought it was merely me doing my duty to help bring those things out of other people but that was not my job. I mean how could I do that if I can’t even get my on vision off of paper and into the atmosphere.

Now don’t get me wrong I love helping other people. I get satisfaction out of it but do I really want to be stuck at the point of satisfaction when God has so much more for me. Could it be fear? Or maybe I have no confidence in myself. Well, it was a little bit of both inside of me. What is it for you?

TODAY whatever it is, it has to stop. We have to live the vision that was placed before us. If we ever become distracted from what God wants from us then it is time for us to go back to the drawing board and focus in on the vision set before us.

What is the vision God has put in your heart? Comment below I would love to pray over your vision as we enter into this year focused on God’s plan.

XOXO, Ericka Warnita

How I Started Modeling?!

This is a very highly requested post. Many people ask me how I started modeling. And truth be told I never dreamed about modeling. I never had aspirations as a little girl to be on a runway or in front of the camera. I was always photogenic but I never saw myself as a model. I was actually more of a tomboy who enjoyed wrestling with my two brothers. Modeling was never my dream job.

The way I decided to start modeling was kind of magical if you want to call it that, more like a blessing to me, but really everything that I have done concerning modeling has not just dropped into my hands. I have had to work, spend LOTS of money and hours catered to modeling. You may see all the beautiful pictures and runway walks but rarely do you see the bags under my eyes that form on weeks I get very little sleep because I am running from one job to the next every day of the week including weekends. You don’t see all the facial remedies I use just to get rid of those same bags before my next gig. You don’t even see how many free gigs I have done before I actually started getting paid for modeling.

Long story short, modeling is not all glamorous as you may think it may be but you didn’t come here to hear all of that, did you? NO! You came to figure out how I started modeling. Nonetheless, I had to tell you all of that because so many people aspire to be a models because of the spotlight that you get when you become a model but there is so much more to it than what meets the eyes. I don’t want you to think that modeling is something that you have to do to be someone in this world because it is not all that serious. You can be just as joyful, if not more, working as an IT tech or as a student. It it is all about what you belief within yourself and who you see within yourself with your gifts, talents and qualities.

Truth be told I only started modeling because a photographer who was looking to build up his portfolio saw me and thought I had potential ( he actually went to high school with my older brother). All I wanted to do was do a photo shoot to help my boyfriends sister because she had a dope clothing line that I wanted to help promote (I lost majority of these photos when someone stole my laptop when I moved in October). I had no real interest in being a model. After we finished the photoshoot we were both amazed by the outcome. I mean your girl could actually model for real, just a little bit at least.

After this photoshoot he encouraged me to keep modeling. I still was not sure about it so I just left the idea where it was. Once I received the official edits back, I began to post the pictures and people where just as shocked I was. I received so many positive responses from people, they just started popping out of woodwork’s. Especially those people who are considered ghost followers because they never respond to your post and you never see their post because either they never post or social media algorithm won’t let you be great. Who knew that I had this talent hidden inside of me!!!

Literally, from that day forward I started my modeling journey. It still took me a month to really sink in that I could do this modeling thing. Once it sunk in, it has been nothing but work ever since. If you have any other questions or comments about my journey I would love to answer any and all! Please comment below and share your thoughts.

Love, Ericka Warnita

What Is My 3-Month Cleanse?

So, I am in much need of a cleanse. And when I say cleanse I mean a total cleanse! Starting with my health and moving to my mentality and then everything else under the sun. Spiritually, financially, etc. I talked a little bit about my cleanse on Snapchat and I got a couple of people who wanted to know what my cleanse consisted of. Initially, I think that they thought that it was strictly concerning my health and diet. Oh no baby, it is much more than that.

Before I actually tell the you and the whole world what my 3-month cleanse consist of I think it is always good to start with the basics in informing you of what the cleanse if for and how it will be beneficial you. If you you are looking to see what the cleanse consist of, well this blog post will not have that information. Maybe glimpse but not the whole package. Think of it this way, you wouldn't use a facial wash that is not catered to your skin, right? Well, this is the same with any cleanse, diet or exercise. You have to see what works best for you personally and this cleanse may not be the best.

As I self reflect, I have not been taking great care of myself. I take care of other people but when it comes to myself, you can ask anyone who knows me well, I typically put myself last. Which in my eyes is not a bad thing. Being selfless is an honorable act however you can hurt yourself more than you may think. I learned that the hard way unfortunately. A wise person once said that you cannot take care of someone else until you take care of yourself. FACTS!

My motto during this cleanse is, start living for yourself, not selfishly but mindfully. I actual told someone this recently. I felt like I was talking to myself more than I was talking to that person.

There is a big difference in being selfish and being mindful of yourself.

Think about that for a second.

During this cleanse it is not about me but it is concerning me. Specifically, in how I can be a better me in every aspect of my life. I have personally written down some results that I plan to see during this time and I would like to share them but before I do I want to challenge you to write down your expectations during the end of 2018. Have you been like me? Putting yourself behind and others in front? Maybe you have been postponing the very thing that God has placed on your heart because of other people or your fears. Let’s write these things down so that we have a clear vision of what its to come into furwitchong in your life. Today is a new beginning. I started this cleanse October 1st but today is your day for a new beginning. A refreshed YOU a refreshed life.

Let’s Flourish Together

These are questions and devotions that will challenge our minds and help us to:

FLOurIsh = Freely shine Light on OUR ISH (aka Issues)

So lets take a look together on how we can light up those dark areas we call issues so that we will be able to flourish with one another. I love to hear your thoughts and your stories. This is a judge free zone (we are not in the court house) and I will be quick to block any haters that judge you. So please comment below.

  1. Why are you ready to take the steps to do this cleanse?

  2. Write the things down that might hinder you from completing this cleanse.

  3. Would you like weekly updates of my cleanse via video?

XOXO, Ericka Warnita

Ericka WarnitaComment
I am in a Music Video Y'ALL!!!

Im not a music video vixen though! Haha! My days of being in the club are so over. One of my girlfriends reading this today that rode that ride with me knows exactly what I am talking about. Even though she would probably tell me that I was probably one of the boring “good” ones in the group. I had my fair share of moments like we all have *shrugs shoulders*.

But I digress! You all know that I am all about empowering HER but I have to take a moment and shout out the HIM in this article. This is the afrobeats singer, songwriter and artist, Tytanium.

Who is Tytanium?:

Tytanium was born in the southern region of Delta State, Nigeria. He grew up on gospel music and as he got older he was introduced to the likes of MI Abaga, Dbanj, Eminem and others. This led to the forming of the artist Tytanium is today. His musical career began in 2011 strictly as hip hop but has gradually evolved to what it is today. Best description of his genre is Afro-Urban. Developed by giving hip hop and RnB an African twist with the melodies, language and rhythm. Witty lines and fun lyrics have been his staple to engage the emotions of different aspects of love and life he tackles in his music.



I am so excited to share that I will be featured in my first music video on August 16th! Now, let me tell you a little back story of the video. I am sitting in a park listening to music and fanastizing as I write in my journal (which is something I actually do on a normal day). As I begin listening to the Afrobeats artist, Tytanium in his song "Tomorrow", I fall into to a deep sleep where I begin to dream that me and Tytanium actually meet and have a "dreamy" cute day in the park together. But wait! I wake up just to realize that it was nothing but a dream. BUMMER, right?! Lol. Well I don't want to spoil everything but there is a little twist at the end! This story tells a tale of lovers finding each other during a night out. It is a love story told with the aid of smooth vibes instrumentals and vocals.


Please come out and support this amazing international artist as he performs August 16, 2018 @7:00pm at 6238 Richmond Ave. The event is FREE, as a curiosity from the man himself, Tytanium. so come out and enjoy a night of fun. Make sure you register online at Eventbrite to secure your spot. Will you be in attendance? 

XOXO, Ericka Warnita