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Beginning Again and The Return

The truth is that at some point we have to begin again. You may be looking all around you as others began there lives again January 1st and you look at your life and you are just getting to the point of realizing that this is your time to live again. To begin again. You might not know how this will happen and parts of you want to stay right where you are. You don’t want the mess or the drama that life brought you but you want to feel a sense of comfort. You don’t want to meet the fear that is knocking on your door and yet there is an urge inside you that says it is time to begin again and return to who you have always been called to be. My sister, God is calling you back to Him. I wrote this back in October and God reminded me of it in my time of fasting and I believe that this is an on time word just for you. it’s time for you to begin again…

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2018 Tried It But… Goodbye and Hello

Looking back at 2018 and to the years prior, I was test and I was tried a lot. Felt like more than I even have been before. I had opposition from everywhere but regardless of the opposition I can truly say that God is so faithful in what He days He will do. I thank God for His strength because if I was without Him I think that I would be in a different place. Goodbye to the old and in with the new!

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When He says move, you move JUST LIKE THAT... *Ludacris Voice*

When being honest means that you have to hurt somebody in the process is the hardest pill to swallow for me. I never thought that living my life sometimes means that helping one person can in turn hurt others in the process. Doesn't make sense to me when I repeat the statement in my head but I have seen it play out over and over in my life and with others around me. I have had to move away from a friendships because of its toxicity in order to salvage my life. 

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