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Beginning Again and The Return

The truth is that at some point we have to begin again. You may be looking all around you as others began there lives again January 1st and you look at your life and you are just getting to the point of realizing that this is your time to live again. To begin again. You might not know how this will happen and parts of you want to stay right where you are. You don’t want the mess or the drama that life brought you but you want to feel a sense of comfort. You don’t want to meet the fear that is knocking on your door and yet there is an urge inside you that says it is time to begin again and return to who you have always been called to be. My sister, God is calling you back to Him. I wrote this back in October and God reminded me of it in my time of fasting and I believe that this is an on time word just for you. it’s time for you to begin again…

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