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I Didn't Know How To Pray

This past week we reflected on #NationalDayOfPrayer and it made me reflect on my own prayer life. Oh man, I have so much to pray for. I have a lot of prayers that are deep inside of my heart but instead of talking about that I would like to  reflect back to when I didn't know how to pray or I acted too bashful for prayer. My best friend would call me everyday to pray before the day starts and everyday when he would ask me if I wanted to pray you know what I would say?... Nothing.

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What I have learned lately is that bondAGE has no age yet, it is a bond that ages with you. What a tricky think bondage can be. Slipping its way into your life with its subtle movements and schemes. However, just as subtle bondage attaches itself to you, it can be reversed with certain actions that will release you from the chains holding you down.

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