When He says move, you move JUST LIKE THAT... *Ludacris Voice*

When being honest means that you have to hurt somebody in the process is the hardest pill to swallow for me. I never thought that living my life sometimes means that helping one person can in turn hurt others in the process. Doesn't make sense to me when I repeat the statement in my head but I have seen it play out over and over in my life and with others around me. I have had to move away from a friendships because of its toxicity in order to salvage my life. I've also had to be move in certain directions that made no sense to almost everyone in my life but because I knew I was being guided by God I had to stick with my gut and block out the conflicting noise. Nonetheless, regardless of the circumstances, I have seen glory stand the test of time.

Are you talking to me?! 

Are you talking to me?! 

So, when God says to move, you must move right? A lot of times we might ask something like, “are you talking to me?!” It is not always as easy as it sounds, to move when God tells you to move. There is always going to be road blocks in the way. You will never go down a "perfect" road that doesn't have an ounce of imperfection. Sometimes, I think as Christians it can be so easy to think that once we get that "quick fix" of salvation from God then we are perfect. Ohhhhh no, how wrong are we to assume perfection in this walk with God. We strive for perfection but this walk is not perfect.

As a young lady in my 20s, it has not been the easiest to make my own decisions especially because I've always relied on my loved ones to understand my path for me and to guide me down that path. I have found out it doesn't necessarily work that way anymore. Though I still look to my family for guidance, there are some things that they will never be able fully guide me through. When I am at a low capacity of comprehension and my loved ones don't quite understand the positioning on my path I have to trust that God is guiding me even in my doubt and uncertainty.

This past year I have had to make some tough decisions. Decisions like, overlooking actions and words from certain people or being kind to someone that I felt didn't deserve my kindness and compassion. I had to continue to show them grace and mercy. Most people wouldn't have second guessed their feelings. Instead, they would have allowed anger, bitterness, and unforgiveness to creep into their souls. But who would I be if I did that? Would I be a follower of Christ if I did? God says that we are to reconcile with others meaning that we are to set our pride aside and love one another even if that means the other person won't accept a friendship. Matthew 5:23-24; 2 Corinthians 5:17-21

I know that it is easy to lead with your feelings and not with what God tells you to do. However, you will be better off by moving in the direction of love, compassion and forgiveness instead of unforgiveness, bitterness and anger. You have the choice to live "unbothered" and peaceful or with a chip on you shoulder. You choose?


Comment below and tell me your thoughts. Tell me about a time that you had to follow what God said for you to do but somebody did not trust or understand your decision. Despite the doubt, God prevailed in your life anyhow.

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