What does REST mean?

Last week I went home after working all day and found myself cleaning my apartment. I literally cleaned it from top to bottom. I threw away things that I held onto for years and bleached my apartment from top to bottom. I swept away dirt and mopped the stained residue touching my floors. I even dusted yall, something I can honestly say that I do not do enough in my place ( I know I am not the only one).

After putting in what felt like a hard, laborious day considering it was night time by the time I finished cleaning as the sun barely seeped through my window shades. I lit candles all over my apartment, ran my bath water, dropped a bath bomb into the steamy tub and sank down into the water with the candle lights flickering all around me and a book in my hand. I was feeling good yall. Like never before have I treated myself to such luxury. Sure it was not like I was at a spa but I did not need to be in a fancy place with a plush bath rob in order to feel serene. I went to bed that night and woke up the next day feeling like a new person. Refreshed and restored.

Then it hit me. I have not been resting. And I am not just talking about getting a full 8 hours of sleep. I am talking about truly resting my mind, body and spirit. Allowing myself to experience rest so that I can have restoration and feel the essence of refreshment. What we like to call peace. It always confused me when people talk about having a '“peace “ of mind because I have had a peace of mind about something but still fill like it wrecked a piece of my mind, if you know what I mean. What I have learned for myself is that I can have peace regarding a situation but I can still allowing myself to be wrecked in my brain on the doubts and fears that creep up my back and try to invade my existence. Y’all this is something I struggle with. As I have gotten older I have steered away from peace and have run to fear, doubt insecurity and lack of faith. But God says that He will give you rest if you just trust in him to guide you. Matthew 11:28-30 MSG


OMG how many of us actually shy away from rest? None of us right?! Lol. Not completely true. We live in such a time where time is waiting for nobody! You hear me! NO-BODY! And we have this sense of urgency that we have to get whatever we need to get right now or else we are going to loose something. Whether that is an opportunity, a person, money or time itself. Because of this mentality we always have to go, go, go! So would you say that you are really willing to stop yourself enough from the go, go, go to let yourself receive rest. I mean really stop yourself. Not just halting you movement of your legs and arms from completing a task or responsibility but even your mind and spirit. Some of us go to bed thinking about what needs to get done that most night of rest are not actually considered rest because what we have on our minds is haunting us from getting a refreshed nights rest. You must be will to received rest when it presents itself to you.


Did you know that rest is actually very engaging? Yessssssss! Rest can actually be very engaging in a positive way where you can actually get proper rest. Take me for example. Before I actually went to sleep that night I soaked in a hot tub with mu bath bomb and a book. My rest started before I even went to sleep. Let me rewind for you to understand why I say this. For the last couple of weeks I have been working two jobs for the first time in my life. And not just some little side gigs that allowed me some flexibility. I am a legal assistant working working throughout the weekdays from 8-5 and then 4 days out of the week (this includes weekends) I am going to work as an assistant manager at a frozen custard shop that is 45 minutes away from my day job. Talk about on the go! I also do my very best to still be involved in church specifically serving with the youth among other things I am still involved in, like this blog (which I have neglected constantly), modeling (when I have the time), involve myself in my hobbies like painting, try to build healthy relationships socially etc. I know there are some superwoman handling a lot more than me, and kudos to you all seriously! But for me I recognized that I needed that time to relax in a tub and do nothing especially after all the deep cleaning I just did.

Now, let me get to the real point after I just painted that picture. My body and mind need a rest after all that I have been doing but instead of just laying in my bed pondering my next moves in the morning I engaged my mind in a different way. I read a book that took my mind off of all of my troubles, stress, doubts and worries. I don’t think I realized how much I needed rest until that moment. Actually I have been listening to a timely word named Refresh at Inspiration Church in Missouri City and it has blessed me to realize how much being refreshed is important.

Stay Still

Being still is a form of submission, willingness to surrender your mind that is always in movement to the thoughts of God. Instead of controlling a situation based off of the thoughts that fill your head you can actively engage and think on the promises that God has given you. This can refer to you not moving your body from one place to the next. Nonetheless, it does not exclude the movement that is not seen which is in our minds.


Something short and simple to ask yourself. Do you actually trust God to handle those things that you do or do not have peace about? Think about it.

-Ericka Warnita

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