Being Replanted in Good Soil

Because even a tree this small can be replanted in good soil to grow full and healthy. Don’t underestimate the small begins. Being valid and verified on social media isn’t valid at all. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Father, I pray for a supernatural conditioning for my friend today. I thank you for this season that they were once that might have broken them. I thank you for the season that brought them to the ends of themselves so that they can begin with you on this day. I know that you are perfecting our lives on our behalf because you take all things and make it work together for our good. Father, as we start over again today, being replanted in you, our good soil, I pray that your store the those around us through our testimony and through our lies. We are vessels here willing and ready to serve you. So God we don’t look at what has happened as being destructive for our lives but as a miracle that change someone else life and shape our own for the Kingdom, in Jesus Name, Amen.

Ericka Warnita