Love to me...

Through every season I learn something new about myself and what my nature looks like. I’ve learned soooo much especially since 2011 about my life. Here is a vulnerability moment! I have learned that I am by design a lover no matter how much hurt may hurt me, whether it is from someone or self inflicted, I still love which can be costly.

It is funny because some of my closest friends always tell me, if someone deserves true love it is you because of who you are. I’ve realized that not everyone sees that though. Not everyone is willing to give you what you dish out. Not everyone is willing to really walk the definition of commitment in love. This is with everyone. While people turn their backs on you time and time again love is always the answer that can mend brokenness and make you new.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have allowed emotions to make me want to hurt others with revenge because of the hurt I felt. But the essence of me and who God made me to be does not hurt others. I’m saying all this to say that love is a powerful thing and when Love discovers you hold on to it. Because Love is patient, kind, it is not envious and does not boast or act prideful. Love is not rude or self-seeking. It is not easily angered and keeps no records of wrongs. Love rejoices with the truth. Love always PROTECTS, always TRUSTS, always HOPES, and always PERSEVERES. Love never fails. #HerNature🌻 1 Corinthians 13:4-8


-Ericka Warnita

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