The ONLY Love Through The Emotions

Sometimes we don’t get this thing called life right. It happens to us all, we are human. We might scream at the top of our lungs with anger because someone cut us off or cry when we don’t get what we thought we should have. We might have emotions during our PMS time that many people just cannot handle because they never know which turn your emotions will go. It can seem like a never ending roller coaster. But one thing, out of many that I love about God, is that he still loves us in even with all of the emotions that us as women have and He encourages you to overcome those emotions through His everlasting love, assurance, faithfulness and His Word.

Sis, I want to encourage you to be transformed with the renewing of your mind and it may help bring you back into alignment of your being #HerNature


Ericka WarnitaComment