Changing My Diet

I have not watched What the Health on Netflix or any other documentary that talks about how unhealthy I eat everyday. How I am practically killing myself by eating the food that I used to love . But you know what I have watched. I have watched my diet and I am not talking about the diet concerning my body. I am talking about my diet pertaining to my mind.

Just like we consume foods that can run us down and make us unhealthy it is the same with the mind. No longer can we eat food that is too sugary for our bodies that causes diabetes and no longer can we eat high sodium foods that cause blood pressure. can no longer do it. We may have consumed negative mindsets, laziness, and toxicity. But now it is time for a change. It is time to CHANGE YOUR DIET. You cannot afford to watch your mental health to deteriorate before your eyes but not do anything about it.


You must be careful with who you allow to feed your mind. Your mouth will begin to taste those very words. Your taste buds send signals to your brain signaling for your body on the sweetness, bitterness or spiciness of that food. It causes you body to desire that food or reject it depending on your tolerance. This is the same for the words that you allow to enter into you whether they are from your own mouth or from others. Those words will be sent to your mind. When the signal goes to you mind the fatty food or “negative words” will begin to process in your belly and clutter around your heart suffocating it from its very existence. It kills your from the inside out without you even noticing it. YOU must change your diet. It is time to change your diet.

Let’s Talk About It:

  1. Do you need to change your “mental” diet? What are some ways that you can change you diet?

  2. If you have already noticed the toxicity that you are allowing to enter your body, why are you allowing it to continue to fill you?

  3. If you are currently struggling while changing your diet, what is stopping you from changing it?

XOXO, Ericka Warnita

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