The Foundation on Which You Stand.

Seasons change. Don't you agree? Fall turns to Winter. And Winter turns into Spring and then Spring rolls into Summer. And with every season comes something that we enjoy and something that we may dread. And sometimes, even something that we fear. Like hurricane season! It is a season that has people along the coast taking the necessary precautions to board up their houses, and purchase boats and generators because you never know when the next storm will creep on land.

In each of our lives, seasons can bring fear. It can be scary because it is change. You might not have that one thing that you can lean on like a house that was  unprotected and devastated by a storm. Never the less no matter what happens to a house, one thing that I do notice is that with every storm the one thing that does hold is its foundation. The walls might break apart and fall down. The water might swallow the existence of the foundation but it still sits there waiting for you to build upon it again.

In every season you may lose important people in your life, you may lose the building blocks to your destiny but you will never lose the foundation within you soul. Not matter how much damage is done to you in every season there is still something that will keep you grounded to build upon again. 

What is your foundation and is your foundation solid enough to stand upon?


For me, my foundation is my faith. It is the only thing that has never lead me in the wrong direction even when I doubted the direction or others doubted it for me. It has always been there in every season to help me build and rebuild everything that I once lost. My hopes, dreams, aspirations, love, loved ones. These are all things that I once lost but regained every season with plenty more to build upon as the years pass along.

Embrace your season even in the fear.

XOXO, Ericka Warnita #HerNature

You guys know the drill! Comment below and tell me your thoughts. Is there anything you are afraid of as you embark a new season. What is that one thing that keeps you hopeful and does not allow fear to dominate your thoughts?

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