You and I are a Force to Reckon With.

Recently, I was told (and I paraphrase) Ericka, you have done so many great things in your life. You have done some really, big things! Don't think that you are just here because you are not just here. 

I sat back and thought.

I think many times we take the little things for granted. We apply so much pressure on ourselves based on influential people in our lives and sometimes our own expectations that we beat ourselves up like a dead horse. Not trying to desensitize the horse, just trying to say that we are beating ourselves up in a useless way.

As I began to think and list all of the things that I have done in my adult life I only thought about the things that most people see without me telling them. However, as I listed away, my friend combated every thought with a more positive one. It was weird to me but life changing:

ME: Well, I am a blogger.

Him:  You are a blogger that made your own website, with your own brand and you created\ your own newsletters. Many people can't do that. You created a name for yourself and you have a good following.

Me: I am just a model.

Him: You are one of the best models I know that is now signed and being recognized in some modeling platforms that many models will never touch.

...And the list goes on and on. I didn't want to spend too much time listing my list but wanted to give you a glimpse of how surface I was being.

As my mind hung on ever word he spoke I began to think one thought:

I am a force to reckon with. *snap, snap and tilts head*

The old Ericka would have thought that she should would never be in conference rooms with top Administration and Lawyers as a 26 year old. And not just as an intern but as an employee who is working on a piloting a project for the company. 

Th old Ericka would have also believed that she should not be featured a music video from an international artist or be invited to walk in a fashion show from designers from different parts of the world. However, this Ericka, the new and improved Ericka proclaims that she is truly a force to reckon with. That she deserves all that is given to her. Not because she is perfect but because she truly works hard to put effort into those things that she wants even if expectations are not met. And guess what?! I believe the same for you. That you are deserving of everything that comes your way. Keep walking as you Love, keep being you!

Never let the negativity of your life overshadow the great person that you are. Because you are a great person! I think this weekend I realized that more than ever as I went to Dallas for a birthday celebration. Life is about taking risk, being you and loving everything about the ride. No one can determine that for you. Only you can. Life is too short to have your panties in a bunch just because of the feelings that you have pertaining to your expectations. Feelings are truly temporary, so don't lean on them.


Lean on the simple fact that you ARE somebody and don't ever let life or anyone tell you differently. Honey, you are going to conquer mountains and cross valleys making it to the other side. You will soar like an eagle and growl like a lion or a lioness. You are the epitome of YOU. You are Her Nature.

XOXO, Her Nature

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