Choosing to live YOUnique

Find YOUR nature and follow it.

I lived. And I mean, I really lived. I went to college and did the party thing. I drank and baked (not really, but really), and I lurked and twerked. I wore clothes that were only meant for two things and two things only. Attract guys and fit in with the crowd. I mean, I am a person that likes to be in the background. Right? So why not be like everyone else so that I could seep behind the curtain of lies and deceit that I was feeding myself and everyone around me. The lies that I told myself everyday I looked in the mirror. The lie to forget who you are and who you were meant to be. 

No matter how much I tried to be someone I was not, it never seemed to stick for some reason. Friendships that were toxic to my well-being never lasted. A relationship that killed my inner being was demolished by words that pushed me closer to my death bed. And drunkened nights drinking beer, Ciroc bottles and wine was the tissue to my tears that flowed that no one could see behind my crescent smile.

Sometimes we can be our worst enemies. And yes, I said that plural for a reason. Many time we have many things that we allow ourselves to turn against ourselves. We change ourselves. It can be good changes or it can be negative changes. I guess you can tell from this blog post that my change was one that was negative.

 Never allow yourself to stop you from being YOUnique. You were meant to standout from everyone else. If not, then you would have a replica or doppelgänger running around this earth. Even identical twins have slight differences that set them apart. Whether that is a mole that is misplaced or their personalities are the least of a mirror imagine of one another.

So BE who YOU were created to be. I lost myself and was able to find myself again. That nerdy girl who loves reading books, laughs just because, and writes words that flow lyrically into her heart. That is me. Who are you?!

XOXO, Her Nature

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