I Didn't Know How To Pray

Baby: "Goo goo, gaa gaa"

You: "Yes, I know, you see her over there doing God knows what. I know you agree with me. She loos crazy, right?"

This past week we reflected on #NationalDayOfPrayer and it made me reflect on my own prayer life. Oh man, I have so much to pray for. I have a lot of prayers that are deep inside of my heart but instead of talking about that I would like to  reflect back to when I didn't know how to pray or I acted too bashful for prayer. My best friend would call me everyday to pray before the day starts and everyday when he would ask me if I wanted to pray you know what I would say?... Nothing. It was not until I challenged myself to pray that I began to pray with confidence.

My prayers started off small and simple. They may have even seemed stupid but I said them as if I was the most eloquent person in the world but it was the most simplistic prayer. I was like a baby learning its first words. It takes a lot of babbling and "goo goo gaa gaa" before the baby begins to speak complete sentences. But with every babbling noise that comes out of a babies mouth I bet no matter what weird noises you hear you have the tendency to talk back to that baby, right? Wouldn't you say that this is true when we think about our prayer life with God? No matter what you pray and how small it seems He hears every prayer, even the small simple ones. God hears your every word and knows your deepest desires. Did you know God rather shorter prayers than long drawn out prayers that repeat itself over and over again. Now, I am not saying that praying for a long time is not okay but the Bible says and when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words. Do not be like them, for your Father knows what your need before you ask him - Matthew 6:7-8. This is verse is stating that e should not be like those who say many words because they are trying to be heard by God as if God does not hear them. Yet, God knows your prayer before you pray it. With praying comes am intimate relationship with God. Instead of always assuming God knows all of my desires without talking to Him, I must always talk to Him in order to build an authentic relationship with Him. You must talk to Him in order to build an authentic relationship with Him.

Don't let people make you feel inferior, better yet, don't trick yourself into thinking you are inferior in your prayer life. God says not to let anyone look down upon you because you are young, or in this case, inexperienced in prayer, but be the example for the believers in speech , in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity - 1 Timothy 4:12. So even if you do feel too young to pray or too simple in your prayer life God says not to believe that. Yet, continue to be an example for all to see. 

God hears your every word and knows your deepest desires.

XOXO, Ericka Warnita