The one thing that brings me joy!

You are a flower soaring amongst flowers ready to be captured by the sun rays. Grow baby grow! Reach for the light shining higher than the sun because your only limitations are the ones that you establish within yourself. 


There is one thing that brings joy into my life. Yes, ONE major  joyful encounter that showers and trickles down to bring joy into every situation that I am in like rain on a perfectly sunny day. It is the one thing that has nourished my roots so that I am able to grown into, well, #HerNature. The one thing that made me, ME! One day I was talking to my best friend and sobbing in tears because I had this feeling that I was starting to drift away from that one joy in my life. And that is a pure encounter with God. The "Ericka" that would wake up singing in the morning with this major, half moon shaped smile pressed upon her face was no longer there. The smile that would cut through every situation that I would face and would have a boomerang effect on my life bouncing me back to joy, peace and understanding faster than SpongeBob would ever get to work lol. Actually, more like, faster than the speed of light. The bounce back is REAL y'all!  I remember I could hear songs like Amazing Grace and Reckless Love in the back of my throat but it did not want to spew out like a overly shaken soda bottle. It was like my lips were sown shut.

So how did I get back to that place of pure joy?


I began to do more than read my devotionals in the morning and serve at church. I did more than listen to pastors and ministers on Youtube. I stopped spending time liking and commenting pictures on Instagram and Facebook and began to spend more intimate time liking GOD (more like loving God) and commenting on the pictures of the life God has given me and will give me. More importantly, I stopped listening to myself and I began to listen to him. Truth be told, I can talk to Him all day but if I don't take out time to listen to Him then how will I ever know what He truly desires for my life. How would I know where he wants me to be positioned for that breakthrough or  how would I be able to speak in love to a friend who just cursed me out? Girl, I am telling you right now, a WHOLE Airekah would come out and trust me when I say that you don't want to meet her. She is the girl behind closed doors that we never want to meet. The word says that I know the thoughts that I have toward you, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope Jeremiah 29:11. So if God know thoughts about me that I don't even know that are peaceful and not evil then I should take heed in his words. Right?

God, my prayer is that we continue to press toward you. That Father, we continue to grow in the realization that our lives are truly not about ourselves but it as ALL about you. Every personal contact, every job opportunity, any school grounds our feet step on or platform that we use will be seen in our eyes as an opportunity to bring glory to your name. Daddy, be our eyes, be our hands, and be our feet. Lead us to the places where you would want us to go. Be the lamp upon our feet and the bright light upon our path so that we may stray away from your path Psalms 119:105. And even if we do begin to stray God your light is shining so bright on my feet and on the path that we will not be able to ignore it. We will continually be drawn to you day-in and day-out.  Father help us to see that every relationship is not an act of selfish desires of wanting a friend or a companion yet it is a way that we are to unselfishishly grow with on another and encounter a power that is unseen and that power is you. As we continue to press toward you we ask that you grace us with your peace that that surpasses all understanding and guard our mind and hearts so that we will not fall in discouragement and confusion, in Jesus name, Amen.

XOXO, Ericka Warnita