My Sacrifice Not To Compromise Myself

Not many people know but I am constantly getting inboxed from people who want me to model for them but I am constantly turning them down. Most people would look at me and say something like, "Girl you must have lost your mind! That is money, honey! Just because you are wearing no clothes in one picture doesn't mean anything. It does not define you." Yes, some people would think that it is not a big deal to be nude infront of a camera but for me it is not something that I want to stand for. And though I am a strong believer that everything that you do DOES NOT, may I repeat, does not define you other peoples judgmental opinions beg to differ. For example, when I see things like people bashing someone as beautiful as Meagan Good because of something she wore (watch the link)...I think I have proven my point. I will just look at you with stupidity when you say it doesn't matter because for many people it does. People will be people regardless of what you say or how you act. Someone will judge, and others will talk negatively about you and toward you. It happens but I won't be a victim of something that I can prevent from happening with the wisdom that I already have.

Besides the fact that people judge, (which never bothers me unless it is coming from those closest to me) I strongly believe that I should dress in a way that highlights every feature about me that has nothing to necessarily do with my body. Wearing clothes that make me feel confident, but also, clothes that make me feel like my mind controls my body and not my body controlling my mind. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't mind embracing your body and wearing clothes that show those beautiful curves of yours. I love girls and women who embrace themselves. Hello!!! You are talking to the girl who has had no curves for like forever and was compared to a pencil in the "body shape" comparison charts. I've had to learn to embrace my curves even the ones I don't have. Lol! Like really! Who wants to be introduced as a pencil. At least, Queens with pear, apple or coke bottle shapes taste good and are scrumptious! *shrugs shoulders* Just saying.


Nontheless, in this modeling world and being in the public eye I decided that I am not going to compromise myself with nudity, bare skin or clothes that only show my body and not the product that is being promoted. Again most people would think I am trippen but it is a standard that I have made for myself in this industry and will stick to it. I want to encourage other models, aspiring modeling and any young ladies to not compromise what you feel. If you feel like you should not do something or wear something but you are just doing it for reasons like money, status or acceptance, it is okay to say no. It really is okay to say no. I am telling you now that it is not worth it. Trust me! I have been there and done that. It is not worth it!

Always stay true to yourself Queen.