My Season Of Faith and Hearing

Sometimes when I hear from God I try not to question it nowadays. I just do it. Sometimes the word I hear may make no sense. Other times, it may turn me in a direction I never thought I would ever have to take. Nonetheless, I have learned that it is best I take His steps instead of my own.

Have you ever had a moment that you asked God to do something and he does it but not in the way you would like for it to be done? Like, your idea and the picture in your mind was totally different than what He is presenting you. It’s like how some of us are when we go to a painting class. Our picture seemingly is supposed to be just like the instructors yet somehow out picture looks totally different with its squiggly lines that do not mirror his/ her perfectly straight line.

Well, lets just say that I know about this all too well.

I am currently in the process of moving and what an exciting but somewhat exhausting experience. This will be my first time ever living by myself without another human being and I am so ready. Not in a sense that I am rushing but I feel like this time will help me grow in so many areas of my life.

When I was praying to God before I began looking for places to stay (which took awhile for me to do) I asked God to take me to a place where I can truly worship and serve him. Be careful for what you ask Him for because you just might get it, in full throttle mode. Well, He did just that but not in the way that I thought He would. He has completely brought me to ISOLATION. DUN DUN DUHHHHH!!! *Scary music playing in the background*.


First, let me say out of over 60 apartments that I looked into the one that I chose was truly the perfect one for me. It was in my price range and accommodated everything that I needed. It was actually the first apartment complex that I visited but I didn’t want to jump into signing any contract until I had something to compare it to. I just knew that there had to be better for me.

Isn’t that just like us? When God provides us with His best for us, for whatever reason, we are never satisfied and go looking for more. Lord, help us to be able and willing to receive what you have for us. Literally, all of the other apartments were disasters, whether it was in customer service or appearance. There was only two other apartments that I was really considering however one of them was too expensive for my set budget and the other was so out of the way from my typical day-to-day travel that I would have been spending a lot more time and money from just traveling. Now with that being said I don’t think there was any doubt left for me to question where God was leading me. I was ducking and dodging this particular apartment for personal reasons but I couldn’t run away from it.

God has been trying to bring me to an isolated area in my life where I can solely focus on Him and all I want to say is GRRRRR! Truly, because it honestly sucks! Not having my own apartment specifically, but the sacrifice of giving up some things that I don’t necessarily want to give up in this process of moving. For instance, my past, toxic mindsets, relationships, and even cherishable moments. But in order for me to grow in this season I must let go of fear and anxiety. I must relish in the “unknown”. By the way, the unknown, is a great place to be as I have been told by the Lord. (Personal thoughts: Should I make this topic a blog post?")

Anywho, God knows me better than I know myself and that is the same for you. He yearns for your attention and will allow things to happen in your life for you to realize you really cannot do this life without Him. He won’t compete with anything in your life and He won’t even compete with you. He wants ALLLLLLL of you.

Sis, if you are in an isolation period as I am and we all have to go through it in different stages and phases of our lives please take it from me and embrace this time full force. You cannot go wrong doing so. Learn yourself and grow in yourself, not selfishly but mindfully of who the Spirit is inside of you.

XOXO, Ericka Warnita

Let’s Flourish Together

These are questions and devotions that will challenge our minds and help us to:

FLOurIsh = Freely shine Light on OUR ISH (aka Issues)

So lets take a look together on how we can light up those dark areas we call issues so that we will be able to flourish with one another. I love to hear your thoughts and your stories. This is a judge free zone (we are not in the court house) and I will be quick to block any haters that judge you. So please comment below.

  1. Please share this with a friend. I was just reading back over this to make minor edits and it blessed my heart once again.

  2. Is God calling you into an isolation period? What are some things stopping you from going into this time if you are hesitating jumping into this season?

  3. Tell me a verse or two that will be your foundation bible verse during this season?

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