Beginning Again and The Return

The truth is that at some point we have to begin again. You may be looking all around you as others began there lives again January 1st and you look at your life and you are just getting to the point of realizing that this is your time to live again. To begin again. You might not know how this will happen and parts of you want to stay right where you are. You don’t want the mess or the drama that life brought you but you want to feel a sense of comfort. You don’t want to meet the fear that is knocking on your door and yet there is an urge inside you that says it is time to begin again and return to who you have always been called to be. My sister, God is calling you back to Him. I wrote this back in October and God reminded me of it in my time of fasting and I believe that this is an on time word just for you. it’s time for you to begin again…

My daughter, you return with what you have. You lay yourself down, all of you, emptied. Because here in that posture, I will make you clean.

You return to be cleansed, to be renewed. Not a return that makes the choice to come back to a place where you were before. But to return to Me—you are not going back to the same place because I have made you new. I have turned you around. I have touched your face with my hand, my other hand on your heart.

And girl, you are not who you were before.

The returning is beginning, not going back. Returning is breathing fresh air into stale, unused lungs. Returning is marking the place where I was and claiming the new heart I’ve given you. Returning is bending; it is kneeling; it is spreading yourself out, waiting to receive. In returning, your new eyes I give you show you the past with hope in the pain, light in the darkness, and the little girl I have made into the woman I have always loved and come to redeem again.

Stay here now, daughter, my adored one. I carry you now. I lift your head now. I let you bow low to be lifted high with new life. Believe returning is a re-turning—a reorienting, a readjusting, a revisualizing, a renewing. It is the revising of a story I’ve always seen, with a beginning and an end all the same.


Return with Me, darling. Return to Me now. From your Father.

Sis, if this has blessed you today please comment below. I want to pray with you. I understand the struggle, I really do. I understand that life can tear you down or you can make decisions that allow your life to go unbalanced but I am here to tell you that there is freedom in Jesus. There is a renewing when you give your WHOLE life to Him. Don’t do this alone because you are not alone. Controlling your life is what leads to your destruction and defeat. Trust in Him and lean on His understanding of what He has planned for your life. Not your own.