What Helped Me Overcome my OVER BEARING Past?

Well, hello SOMEBODY! I know I am not the only person who has an overbearing past that won’t seem to let them go. Whether it was a silly mistake you made or friendship that you regret losing. Or it could just be something that someone you love did to you or maybe it could be an event that haunts you in the night like your father passing away or your mother leaving you at birth. It does not have to be something specifically pertaining to something you did, it is just a past event, PERIOD.

I want to specifically speak to those who are running from their past and may be feeling like it is a never ending revolving door swinging in front of your face over and over again.

I could point you to a book or two that I might have read but I am not going to do that today. There is one true thing that really helped me overcome my past. Well, there was actually two. The first this is the man upstairs himself, God. But the one thing that really helped me, transparently this past year, was the ability to forgive myself. This is not specific to the mistakes I made or the people I might have hurt, even though those things matter, but I had to forgive myself for not seeing myself. I wasted countless hours now knowing myself.

I put my life in the hands of my track career, my school, my family, my friends, alcohol, and the list goes on but I failed to put my life in the ones hands. God’s hands. Once I was able to truly forgive myself for not seeing myself passed what my human eyes could see I was able to my move into my destiny.

Today, I pray that you are reconciled back to God. That if you have ought with any person in this world, including yourself, that you confront those things in order to take the steps of healing. I pray that you continue to position yourself so that you are only looking forward at those things that place themselves before you. Those things that never come or stay before you were never meant to be in your vision. You are worth more than rubies, and more valuable than gold. God help us all to see our worth in Jesus Name, Amen.

XOXO, Ericka Warnita

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