When Some Things Just Don't Happen Like You Planned It.

Geez la weez! Man, what a week it has been. I tell ya! As some of you know I was supposed to be walking in a really major fashion show featuring international designers. Now you an imagine my devastation when I found out the night before at 11 o’ clock that I will no longer be walking in this show. Yes! I was notified by the director who told me that I will no longer be in the show because the designers decided to go with other models who were taller than me.

Can you say it is a doggy dog world?! Oh yes. it can be very doggy dog. And I am not going to lie I was not too happy. In the moment, I acted like it didn’t matter but honey when I tell you that I was ready to just show up and say something like, “Do you not know who I am.” I was ready to go off and not in the most Christian way possible. 1 Corinthians 13 talks about love but this girl right here was not having it. Thank God, I didn’t respond irrationally or disrespectfully because of all of the emotion inside of me.

I thought that I was headed to what would be the true, BIG start to my modeling career. It was stripped from me right in front of my eyes. It made me question everything about myself and even doubt my abilities. I began to think that maybe this modeling thing is just not for me. Maybe, I am BIG trippen, trippen. Like literally, who am I is the question that negatively rang in my head as I constantly read the message from the director denying my this opportunity of a life time. I felt like nobody. But can we all say together, ‘Not my will but your will be done’!

I had to realize that my plan is never the plan that I should be following. My plan was to go to this fashion show, kill it and be invited to be a feature model for one of the designers that specifically designed clothes for celebrity and artist John Legend. Man, I had it all planned out in my mind. Proverbs 16:9 states that in our hearts we plan our course, but the Lord establishes our steps. How much did this verse became a reality for me? Big time! Though I had plans, God has other plans for me. I guarantee, I am going to come back on here and write a story of why my plan was not the plan that I needed to lean on. Just wait for it, because I surely am.

We should never lean on our own understanding but lean on the One that loves us enough to direct our paths in the way that they ought to go. Trust me sis, I understand. Sometimes, I want to get it! I want to know everything. I need to know the plan and have it written out in front of me and then it needs to follow through just like how I envisioned it. But I have learned, sometimes the hard way, that sometimes it is best to have an understanding of your plan but follow His plan. You will always come out with better results. Trust me, really. Proverbs 3:5-6; Proverbs 19:21

BTW, just a side note, I saw pictures from the show and it was beautiful. Very nicely done by all of the designers and models! Man, it was beautiful!

XOXO, Ericka Warnita

Let’s Flourish Together

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FLOurIsh = Freely shine Light on OUR ISH (aka Issues)

So lets take a look together on how we can light up those dark areas we call issues so that we will be able to flourish with one another. I love to hear your thoughts and your stories. This is a judge free zone (we are not in the court house) and I will be quick to block any haters that judge you. So please comment below.

  1. How have you have you been following God’s plan for your life?

  2. What is something that you can do to go with the flow and lean on His plan instead of your own?

  3. What have you learned reading this post?

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