My ONE New Year Resolution!

As a person, we set so many unrealistic expectations on ourselves and on everyone around us. How are you supposed to live as "YOU" if you are always trying to be something that you are not by trying reaching too far into your expectations. Reaching unreal goals. Don’t get me wrong, you can always reach for the stars by getting in a spaceship and flying your way up there. However, if you don’t have what it takes to push pass the fear of falling from the air, pass the disappointments of not making it or the hurt that could come along with the ride then you will never make it there.

This is what I learned as I looked into the lens of my life in 2017. Going into 2018 I have one resolution. Just one. Well, actually it is two, but I am combining the two to make one. Why boggle myself down with a long laundry list of goals when I can focus all of my attention on one or two that covers them all.

Consistency and Completeness.

When I look at us as human beings I see that we are always looking for that one thing that is going to make us feel whole. That one thing that completes us. This year I plan to work on my wholeness. Though I believe I am whole I know that there are a lot of forces working against me to make me feel less than. To be honest, this is my year to over power those feelings that creep up on me trying to make me feel less inadequate. So part of my resolution is to become complete within myself and also completing projects and task that I tackle I n this new year.

Consistency and completion. I have always been one to start amazing projects, begin long-lasting friendships and so on and so forth, but rarely do I finish or seal the deal. A lot of this has to do with fear and my own mental limitations. I will not be inconsistent with what I feel in my heart. I will not leave an incomplete project hanging. I will value those who value me and build relationships worth working towards.

These words I write on this blog are just words and I understand actions are the true key to everything. Well, this year I plan, desire and will execute being consistently complete!

I am not looking at this year as being "my year" like I hear many people say every year. Yet, I am looking towards this year as being "God’s year" to make a little bit of nothing, based on my resolution, into something that is bigger than my mind can ever imagine. I expect a lot from God and I no longer put those expectations on myself anymore because I fail myself every time. So, this is your year to shine BIG in my life God. So shine!

And guess what I pray that He shines BIG in your life in 2018, as well.

Comment below and tell me some of your New Year resolutions. What do you plan to change this year?

XOXO, Ericka Warnita


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