I Am The Blame and I Cannot Rewrite What Happened

Wow! Can you imagine looking your enemy right in the face just to realize that the enemy you were looking at was YOU yourself. Seriously, one of the worst feelings ever! You are the reason the relationship failed, you are the reason you didn't get the college scholarship or the job your heart desired. 

There is only one person behind the scenes operating the show and that is YOU. Yes, YOU, and nobody else. And you find yourself at a lost for words because once you finally get that reality check, BAMMM, you have become speechless because you can't believe what is happening right in front of your eyes. You are the blame. You surely can't rewrite the past. If you could, BOY, tell me how because there are a whole "Santa Clause" list of things that I would love to change. But, seriously...

So what now?! Because like I said, you surely can't rewrite the past. 


Well my friend, I have learned that it is never too late to rewrite a wrong even after it happens. You might not be able to rewrite the past but your past can be rewritten. Let’s take a look at it.

Reflect on the times that you write something in pen. Sometimes I incidentally misspell a word. How many of you try and re-spell the word by correcting your spelling by retracing the correct spelling over the previous written word. I do this most of the time because I refuse to buy whiteout. Does anyone else do this besides me? Does it come out pretty or pretty ugly?! Mine comes out worse than it originally started, usually. 

Now let’s think of a tattoo. If you got a tattoo and it did not come out the way that you wanted it to you or maybe you got a tattoo while you were dating someone that you are no longer dating, you probably went to an artist that can cover it up with another design. I assume that you invested money and time into researching an artist that will make you tattoo look like a masterpiece and not another mistake like your previous tattoo. Right?

Well I want to encourage you. Your mistake can be rewritten with the right person. Notice that I stated earlier that YOU cannot rewrite a wrong or your past but God can. Just like when we try and rewrite or mistakes with a pen, it ends up looking messy or maybe we over step our boundaries. We try and do everything that we physically can to fix the issues that were caused but realize that we make it more messier than it was intended to be. Nevertheless with God, just like the tattoo artist is to the tattoo, the past situations, relationships or faults that you made a mess of can be changed into a masterpiece. From experience, I know that God can change all things wrong and make them right. 

Stay encouraged boo and know that all things can be perfected in the eyes of God. 2 Corinthians 5:17

Comment and tell me your thoughts below. Make sure to stay tuned for one of my next blog post that will be talking about What YOU Should Know About Yourself When You Are The One To Blame.

XOXO, Ericka Warnita