When You Just Tired: Diary of a Mad Woman

You KNOW what I love the most about the devil. That he has to be the most illiterate “thing” that I know. Yes, I said it. I am not saying this in a harass way but then again I am. You know I just get so fed up with him trying to kill, steal and destroy me and those around me. Don’t you get fed up too?

I have one thing to say to the devil.

You have not seen anything yet!

Here is your notice. You have been SERVED! I will not stop working to be a better me. I won’t compromise my beliefs with your falsified motives. I will not allow doubt to slip underneath my feet just to be yanked me from my steadiness. And until I get what is promised to me you can keep the punches coming because you will never ever prosper. I will not listen to your lies and allegations that have no purpose in my life. This mental illustrated illusion of what you believe my life will end up like but I have a spiritual resolution for your indoctrinated way of doing things.


You do the same thing and play the same games.

It is really becoming to the point that you are becoming a serious annoyance in my life.

You fight blow for blow. Hitting me with your best shot. But really?! Is that all that you got?

And by the way how can you fight fire with fire?! Can you tell me that! It makes no sense. The more fiery darts that you throw my way, the more the ignited fire inside of me spreads around like a wild fire.

So keep it coming sir! Keep the fire coming because I know with every dart of fire will eventually lead to an explosive fire of abundance. Clearing my path for those things to come. Burning every device and plan that you thought would rule over my life.

Who do you really think you are!

Oh sir, please think again! Oh, think real hard and long because you ain’t seen nothing yet.

This fire is just getting started.

This is a tribute blog post for anyone who has lost a loved one recently or maybe you just feel like you can’t win for losing. Time and time again you get up and try but then every time you get up you see the world around you crumbing to pieces.

Every device of the enemy is just that… a device. If you look at it in a positive way and handle it in a way that is righteous it can be used to your advantage. Just look at your situation at a different vantage point.

Revive, Refresh, Repurpose, Relive.

XOXO, Ericka Warnita