Stepping out on... what?!

It is so easy to step out into the water when you can see the bottom but what if you can't see the bottom? What then?! I don't know about you but at this time of my life there are some things that I know God has promised me and I am so ready to receive what He has in store. However, before I can receive those gifts of promises I had to realize a couple of hard lessons first (and just an FYI, I am still learning to grasp these concepts). Let's just say that it is a work in progress:

  • Lesson 1:
    • Girl, get it straight! You are not waiting on God. Instead, God is waiting on you
  • Lesson 2:
    • You're really not stepping out on faith unless you actually take a step and if you don't take that step then you really are not submitting your life to God. Shocker!!!

Bummer lessons, for sure. But well-worth-it lessons. How could the simplest concepts seem so hard for my mind to understand. Do I have some kind of mental block? What is it?! Is it fear, doubt, uncertainty, worry or all of the above? I'd say all of the above in my case. it might be different for you but whatever it is that is keeping you from stepping out in what God is doing in your life... you have to get that junk out of the way.

You Waiting... Pssssshhh Yeah Right!

A lot of us believe that we are waiting on God to make a move. Waiting for the promotion at your job, that scholarship offer to your top school of choice or that relationship that you dream of. However, a lot of times, we as people forget that we have

a part to play in this life of ours. I mean, we are the beings in our bodies, right? Then why aren't we doing or part in this relationship with God. Why is it that when God tells us to move we question everything He says. We hesitate before taking action and we wonder why God is hesitating to give us our hearts desires and His promises.

God is waiting on YOU. Not your sister, brother, mamma, daddy, auntie, uncle... Nobody but you. (He is waiting on them too i'm sure but when it concerns your life He is just concerned about what you are doing to fulfill His promise). So what are you waiting for?! Just jump in.

Stepping Out On Faith = Submission

The beautiful thing about God is that He catches you when you fall. But, I have a question... if God showed you the promises that will come to pass in your life do you think that He will actually let you fall? I mean really think about it.

That is not God's doing. God is not one to make us fall. Like Peter, even when he stepped on the water and wavered in his belief in what he was doing and what God was allowing him to accomplish Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. Then said, "Boy, why didn't you believe me. Now you know I am not going to let my boy drown. Come on now!" No, I am just playing. I totally paraphrased that but in Matthew 14:22-36 you will find this story. God didn't let Peter drown and so will He do the same for you.

I did a "baby" devotional on my Instagram story the other day. I told my followers that, recently, I have been praying to God and asking Him to make me uncomfortable. Make me uncomfortable so that I will be movable. You know how you sleep on a bed that isn't your bed and you keep changing positions because you can't quite get comfortable. That's my desire. God I don't want to go to my bed I want to lay in the bed you want me to lay in. My back might not like it but God you want me here in this bed for a reason so let's work with it. To have this mentality is saying, 'wherever God tells me to move then I am ready to move and when God tells me to make an adjustment then I am so willing and glad to make that adjustment because, to be honest, I am not even not comfortable in the place I am at now. This is submission. The act of yielding.

Like I told my IG peeps, I challenge you for the next couple of weeks to ask God to make you uncomfortable so that you can learn to really live in full submission to Him. Understand that God is waiting on you to go for it. He is just waiting on you.

Have you been struggling with these concepts like I was? Comment below and tell me your thoughts love and make sure that you share!

XOXO, Ericka Warnita

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