Seasoned Like Grandma’s Fried Chicken

As I sit in my dark room, all alone, with a still silence whispering in my ears I ponder on what I should write about. My tired mind is filled with scriptures and book quotes but nothing is seeming to grab my direct attention at this moment. But then in the silence my Spirit becomes humbled because I realize I am not alone even in a time that seems too still.

“When God is silent, He is not still. God does some of His best work in the dark. He does some of His best work when you don’t think He’s doing a thing. He’s behind the scenes, working it out. He is faithful even though you feel you cannot see Him.”

–Kingdom Woman by Tony Evans

Now yall are probably thinking I thought we were going to be talking about Grandma’s chicken! HAHAHA! We will get to that sooner than later. I don’t want to focus on the obvious as I write this post but let’s focus on the unobvious. If someone was to be in a dark room with you, would they be able to see you? Maybe… if they had a smart phone with a flashlight, right? Well what if they had no light switch, IPhone or Android flashlight, or any type of device that illuminates light? Would they be able to see you then? Noooooo ma’am. Now let me ask you this, if you were in that same dark room and you were beaten up with bruises and looked tore up to the floor up would that person be able to see you in this condition? The answer is still no right? Can we both agree sis that the only way that they would be able to tell you were hurt is if you told them you were hurt physically or if you directed their hand to touch those bruised areas? So, if the answers to all of these questions are no then why do we expect another human being to see us in the dark or even in the light? Why do you expect people to SEE your worries, SEE you hurt, and SEE your pain? Especially when there is nothing on the outside that is visible enough for them to see with their physical eyes; considering hurt, pain and worries are dealt with in the mind.

Even if people can see the bruises and brokenness that is within you majority of the time it would still not matter. We live in an era that does not treasure bruises and brokenness, inadequacy, or empty handedness. The world despises weakness and does not appreciate difficulty, tough times, and the residue left from grit or grime of life. I have GOOD NEWS!!! NEWSSS FLASHHHHH! “We have discovered that God does appreciate us and what we go through! He sees you when you’re hurt, even in the darkness. Please stay tuned for further info.”

Sis, sometimes it feels like God has abandoned you but trust me when I say that he is and always will be there. You see God loves Him some “seasoned women”. No, I am not talking about a woman tossed in Tony’s Chachere’s Creole Seasoning (I want some of my momma’s or grandma’s fried chicken and catfish right now. Mhhmmmm mmmm GOOD!) But I am talking about a woman who has been through some real stuff. She has gotten down and dirty. She has been baked and over-cooked just enough to come out to look unappealing on the outside but is cooked just right on the inside ready to be used. Whether it is to be eaten or thrown in a pot to add flavor to another dish she is ready to be used. Do you know those type of dishes? Do you know those type of women? She is a woman chasing the heart of the King daily.

Sometimes those battle scars are a result of struggles that you brought to yourself or sometimes you might have had no fault at all in the acquisition of your injuries. And in the mist of it all, you may look at yourself and see all of the imperfections whether externally or internally. The fact of the matter is that many women with scuff marks are simply seasoned and, therefore, more available for God’s use because of their imperfection, inadequacy, or emptiness. God treasures people who desire to fulfil His purpose over an easy life. So if you feel useless Queen just know that God sees you more valuable than anyone can imagine.


I can reflect on the story of the woman in Luke 13:10-17 that looked like Hunchback of Notre Dame. For eighteen years, she could not straighten up her back. For eighteen years, she had to deal with the pain from her back and I’m sure many teasing comments of others because she was different. Nevertheless, Jesus (God) saw this and healed her immediately and she stood straight rejoicing and praising Him.

Sister, do you not know that God is taking you through a season to suddenly heal you and bring you to a new life. These seasons you might be going through are much deeper than you can see; it is spiritual, like shown in verse 16. Do not give up hope and faith because, whether it is predisposed pain or unintentional pain, God cherishes you. He knows what He is doing (Jeremiah 29:11). As a Sister seeking after the King and His kingdom, obey God’s Word even when it seems like His plan makes no sense. Keep in mind that faith doesn’t always make sense. But it does make miracles.


Ericka Warnita