I Wonder...

I wonder...

I wonder...

I wonder.

I wonder if you really know what it means to be me.

To walk in my shoes and see beneath my feet.

I wonder if you see the way my hair curls every which way it likes to speak,

Or every scar that is impressed upon me.

I wonder if you see the way my heart aches when I don't feel you near me.

Do you see the times that I cry because you seem so far away,

Or the times that I went to sleep, with only you, my mind speaks.

Your heart and soul I do keep.

Alone, lying there with the cold breeze whisking through my sheets is a body that has no life that can speak.

Do you know how it feels to cry every tear drop with the rain drops that wash the nights skies.

And do you know that I am you and you are mine.


My Daughter, my darling daughter, I see the scars on your heart because they are mine.

Every tear you cried, so did I.

I came to earth to set you free,

Not for you to be in bondage only longing to see me.

Don't you see that I am in you.

I breath the breathe that you breathe.

I took all of your shame,

All of you hurt and pain,

All of your scars and bruises,

And all of your mistakes on that third day.

I am you and you are mine.

I will remind you of my sweet melodies with the wind that is beneath your wings,

Because I long to see you, one day, with me.

I wonder if you know how much I love you.

That I will not put anyone before you.

You are truly special to me.

I wonder.

I wonder.

I wonder if you truly love me.





Hey Sis,

No matter who you are, you are loved. You may be young or old (or "mature" as my mother would say). You may be white, black, brown, or yellow. You may have given up on life or life has given up on you. No matter who you are remember that you are loved.

This was a poem that was impressed upon my heart because I know what you may be going through seems never ending. But I am here to tell you that you are FREE.

Our Father, Dad, loves us all so much. He individually takes care of us to make sure that we are living a whole life. God loves you so much that He sent His son to take all of our scars, bruises, aches and pain just to give you a refreshed life. So when you feel like life is over, please, remember this sweet love letter that God is in you and you are his.

-Ericka Warnita