Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Who is the Fairest of Them All!

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” When you look in the mirror do you truly see what you believe that you ought to be, or do you see the learned prospective that others have defined you to be. You are searching for the self-worth and purpose that you thought you had in a mirror that continuously tells you another story every other day. When will you truly find who you are in that endless mirror?

I like to think that the mirror lies to us. We have to learn to look pass the lies that it tells us and truly see ourselves. One day we feel like we look good in the mirror, and then the next, we think that we look disguising to the world.We rely so much on the mirror to define who we are. What if, we did not have mirrors or other people around us to tell us what we look like? Really imagine it. How would we know what we would look like?! And don't say the reflection from water! LOL That doesn't count. Wouldn't it be a boring world? Would you be able to define your own beauty without truly having an idea of what you looked like? If reflection from a mirror or a body of water was not a thing of this world, what would help define you? Queen (or King), let me be your mirror today.


Without meeting you I can already tell that you are beautiful. If I could look you deep into your eyes, honestly, I would be able to tell you that you are simply beautiful. Beautiful on the inside and on the outside. There is no way on earth that you could convince me otherwise. There are parts of you that outweigh those negative things that you may think about yourself. And the most beautiful thing about you is that God made you unique. You are beautifully, wonderfully and uniquely made in His image so that you can stand out from the crowd in a positive way and not be another person amongst the crowd of lifelessness. He thought enough of you, specifically you, to make you the way that you are because He saw that it was beauty.

I like to think that everything that has been placed in my life was for a divine purpose. For example:

  • He placed me in a city where there was much diversity so that I could be able to relate with many people of all different backgrounds. This helped me to grow and not be one-dimensional.
  • He made my personality one that was full of energy because most people need someone as a “pick-me-up” in their life's that feels so lifeless.
  • He made me a thinker and dreamer so that I can write blog post, such as this one, so that could relate to my readers in a personal way.
  • He made me look the way I look so that there will be a distinct difference between myself and others around me.

And ever since I turned away from the mirror, stopped listening to the accusations people described me to be, and looked at my own life, I have been able to grow into the woman I know I should have been all along. Without all of the extra! I unlocked the potential that was hidden behind the mirror of lies.  (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

One lesson that I learned in the journey of loving myself is the lesson of learning how to be grateful for what I do have. Maybe you don’t like your hair, but someone else wish they had your hair. Or maybe you think that your nose is too pointy, But let me tell you, someone would kill to have a pointy nose and not a round one. Love what you have. Truly embrace it!

 I used to dislike the fact that I didn't have curves like all of my friends. I was called all types of names growing up lacked breast. I remember (I am sure my parents remember this too) as a young girl I would hide in my room and put my bowls from my kiddie "kitchen set" in my shirt to look like breast. Lol, I laugh at this now but as a kid this was something that I wanted because the things my peeps said about me. Gratefully, my parents caught me one day and sat me down to talk to me about the importance of loving myself. I was a little kid then, and those premature acts are expected when you are still growing into yourself. However, once you have grown into a lady we have to step back from then negativeor, even, positive things you heard from momma or daddy growing up because they will not be there always. Or the peers that we grow up with because most of them are for sure not going to be there. And look into our own hearts to define ourself beauty.

Start today by removing yourself from the people's negative thoughts and from the mirror of lies, then begin to redefine the beautiful woman, that you are. Let your positive thoughts be your own mirror.


Ericka Warnita