Rolling with the Good Times #SCS

As people it is always so hard to live in the moment. I mean, really, just be in the moment. Not worried about anyone around you. Not worried about social media and the insignificant, countless likes you get. Not concerned with on whether or not your phone is, what we say, "dry". Not pondering on all the bills you have to pay with your broke bank account or even worried about the huge pimple forming on your face. But really just BE IN THE MOMENT. This is kind of like my other blog post Dancing Your Way Through Life. I just think it is important to have a good time on this earth! Don't you agree?

I don't have too much to say today but to just live! The power of life or death is in your tongue. Very true! But a thought has to form before the words are spoken out of ones mouth. Thoughts can be the deterioration of your demise. Control your thoughts, handle your mind and have a good time! Be in the moment and enjoy it. Like people say, "life is just too short!"

For #SelfCareSaturday, I challenge you to go do something spontaneous. Enjoy the good company around you. Notice I said good. Everybody ain't good company. *Takes note*. Really challenge yourself. And I mean realllyyyyy challenge yourself. Whether it is at your job, school, home or where ever! Enjoy your time. Time is wasted on senseless thoughts and unrewarding actions. Ouahhhhh! A new blog post brewing in my minddddd!!!

Question of the day: What thoughts are consuming and confining your mind enabling you from enjoying precious moments?

XOXO, Ericka Warnita


Hey readers and lovely people of The Garden,

I am giving you the opportunity to let me know if there is anything you would like to see more of. Whether it is hair tips, fashion inspired looks, videos... whatever it may be I want to know!  I can write almost anything but it helps to know what my readers and subscribers want to see. Please comment below and let me know! Love y'all much!!! And remember Roll with the GOOD times.