#HerLetters: Driving Through the Storm

Dear God, It was pouring down raining the other day as I was heading to church. Why did you let it rain so hard? Initially, it wasn't raining hard so I decided to take the road that takes me to church in a seemingly faster time. You know, that road that I always take?! Well, as soon as I got on this narrow, country road it began to rain cats and dogs. 

Every kilometer that I drove seemed like I was never going to make it to the other end of the road. It was almost like you didn't want me to go down this pathway. The rain was blinding my vision from seeing the adjacent road ahead in the distance. I almost stopped in the middle of the road and waited the storm out but if I did that then I would have been late for church and I hate being late. Also, I didn't want to get stuck on the road, considering, that the ditches next to this country road was full of water which looked like it was going to spill over at any second. And turning around... now that would be foolish. 

Why did you let me go down that road...  Dear Reader,

I could go on and on elaborately about the journey that I took going to church but I am not going to do that today.  

I made it to the end of the road that day despite the conditions that were in front of me. I wanted to simplify this article today and tell someone to continue pushing through the storm. It can be so difficult sometimes. I know, and I get that! Trust me I do! But, truth be told, nothing is worth while without a story behind it. You see, I could have easily went down the highway to get to my church, which is safer and not prone to flood. But like most of us in decision making, we take the "harder route". 

It could have been so easy for me to stop during the storm or even turn around to take a safer route. But most times waiting out a storm or turning around can prolong your timing and process.

This is the same when we face storms in life. We try and wait out the storm and ignore that it is even there. Or better yet, we try and turn back the hands of time and take another route when God put you in the pathway for a reason. Not for you to drive through it easily. Not for you to even lose hope. However, it is simply there to build your faith up and see pass the storm with eyes that are not humanistic. Our spiritual eyes. We walk by what??? And not by what??? (2 Cor. 5:7). Some of you are almost to your destination. Like, you are knocking at its door but you are not putting the right key in the door. The key of faith. 

Don't get discouraged by the weather and the route you have to take to your destination! Enjoy every bit of the rainfall, the potholes, and the foggy nights because when you get to your destination it will be well worth the storm.

XOXO, Ericka

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