I love dressing like a guy, but in a cute, comfortable way!

I love to dress up but I love to dress down/dress up, if that makes any sense. Basically I dress to be comfortable. Whether that is dressing up or dressing down. I don't want to walk around with wedges or cramped feet. I live to feel comfortable at least in my clothing choices anyways.

 This past week I was in that kind of mood where I wanted to dress down but I still wanted to kind of be cute. Sometimes it is hard to do that and still be comfortable. When I found these amazingly cute Steve Madden shoes at Marshall's I thought of all of the possible ways I can dress these babies up in the most comfortable possible. And here is one outfit that fit the mood for this past week.

 Cute, classy, comfortable and PINK! Clothing deets below and tell me what you think...:

Sincere Love, EW

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Ericka Warnita2 Comments