I love my ring! It is perfect.

AHHHHH! It is here! The day I have been waiting for. My ring is here and when I say that it is perfect, I really mean that it is perfectly perfect just for ME! How many of you all thought I was talking about an engagement or wedding ring?! Show of hands...lol. No ma'am I am not getting married. I am talking about my CJ ring!

I don't think many people know this about me, but I have specific jewelry that I wear all of the time. And when I say specifically, I am talking about my rings. Each ring that I wear on my little, skeleton fingers mean something special to me. I wear them everywhere I go. I never take them off even when I am in the shower. Am I the only one?! And of course, they are non-tarnished metals so that is why I wear them in the shower and wash my hands with them on. These rings are so special to me because they are symbols of constant reminders that stick with me as I glance down at my bony fingers.

For instance, I have one ring that I wear that has a diamond heart in the middle of it with a gold looped band. This ring holds a very, very, very special place in my heart. In life I know that people will disappoint me. No matter how much they try to do good by me, due to my imperfect human expectations, people will somehow always fall short. This can apply to any and everyone. I am not a hard person to please, however I do find disappoint in somethings. This ring reminds me that despite of my disappointed heart I will always get the desires of my heart through my Christ Jesus. He is the fulfiller of promises and never lets me down. So, in those moments that I feel like someone has let me down, I am reminded that there is one, the One, that will never let me down. He always reminds me that His promises will come to pass regardless of my fears, doubts, and disappointments. Numbers 23:19; Matthew 7:7

Now, the ring that I really wanted to highlight in this post is my Church Jewelry JF mini rose gold ring . It is one of my faves because it is the "fishers of men" ring. Have yall seen the little fish symbol that everyone automatically associates with Christianity. Well, when I looked up what the symbol means, in the Greek it means Ichthys. If translated, Ichthys means Jesus Christ, Son of God, and Savior. I absolutely feel in love with this ring automatically when I received it. It is so cute and simple. Just what I need, especially because I have three other rings to accompany this one on my hands.

Not only was I immediately taken back by this rings simplistic beauty, but it touched my heart because of what it symbolizes and the story behind the company.  It symbolizes the center of my life; what is at the center of my life. JESUS CHRIST. This is really important y'all!

I was so excited when I received my rose gold treasure in the mail from Church Jewelry Because it so simple but it has a little special uniqueness. Oh, and the best part is that their rings are one size fits all! Yes I said it!  It is adjustable so that you never have to worry about the ring feeling way too big or too small. And no, it is not like a ring that you can get out of the gumball machine. It is a real ring. I can honestly compare it to a James Avery ring but you don't have to wait for them to size it to your finger, Also, they ship the ring directly to you which was very timely.

I cannot wait to see what other jewelry they will have in the future! If you want to see Church Jewelry and their rings go check out Church Jewelry and follow them on IG @ChurchJewelry.

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XOXO, Ericka Warnita

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