My #NoMakeUpNovmeber #NaturalNovember

If you were to read my last blog post called, Why I decided not to wear makeup in November, you would see, well, why I decided not to wear makeup. And now I want to tell you what I learned about myself during that time.

I don't think I realized how much I needed this time. Being completely bare and naked from everything that covered up my imperfections. It was not only a detox for my skin but it was a internal detox for my mind as well. Just like we mask all of our flawed bumps and spots on our faces was I doing with my mind.

It never crossed my mind that uncovering my face would leave me not only facing my insecurities regarding my appearance but it also showed me my insecurities pertaining to relationships, risk-taking, my career and much more. Personally, I realized that my makeup has had a major role in areas of my life that are hard to face at times. This might not be for you but I am just telling you my experience.

When I wear red lipstick I have to have a certain shade of red. Don't you? Every shade does not look right on me, in my opinion. If I go too bright I feel like I look like a crazy clown. Ain't that crazy? Therefore, I always go for a red that is darker, almost like a burgundy. Well, when I was in college I started to wear makeup. No, I did not know what looked good on me and what looked just down right awful. I was inexperienced in that area of my life therefore I wore it all! Until one day I was wearing my favorite lipstick which was this bright cherry red and someone told me that I looked like a clown. Yes, you are right! Girl, I was hurt and from then on out I stopped wearing any lipstick that I felt made me look like a clown.

I learned that from that experience I allowed other people to dictate the way that I felt about myself. Uncovering myself this last month showed me that. That regardless of what other people say or what others may think about me, I am who I am. I can wear what I want to wear and I can be who I want to be.

Since this is something that I decided to do every November, I challenged other women to join me in not wearing makeup in November. Whether is was a couple of weeks out of the month or the whole entire month, I challenged them to embrace their beauty without masking it. This year I wanted to feature one young lady that took the challenge head first. Lets see what she learned during her experience: 

"Within the past few weeks I have learned to dig deep within myself. I have been suffering from acne for the past few months/year and never really felt true beauty without covering my blemishes. This month I started watching what I was eating and dedicating myself to doing more physical activity. Has my acne completely disappeared? No. But I have confidence in myself that I am beautifully and wonderfully made and that there is no flaw in me. That I can go without makeup and still be me, beautifully." - @KarinaBaileyRae

I appreciate this beauty for her transparency. Make sure you go follow her @KarinaBaileyRae.

XOXO, Ericka Warnita

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