I love dressing like a guy, but in a cute, comfortable way!

I love to dress up but I love to dress down/dress up, if that makes any sense. Basically I dress to be comfortable. Whether that is dressing up or dressing down. I don't want to walk around with wedges or cramped feet. I live to feel comfortable at least in my clothing choices anyways.

 This past week I was in that kind of mood where I wanted to dress down but I still wanted to kind of be cute. Sometimes it is hard to do that and still be comfortable. When I found these amazingly cute Steve Madden shoes at Marshall's I thought of all of the possible ways I can dress these babies up in the most comfortable possible. And here is one outfit that fit the mood for this past week.

 Cute, classy, comfortable and PINK! Clothing deets below and tell me what you think...:

Sincere Love, EW

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Fourth of July Head-Wrap How To

I literally did this in a matter of seconds. On those days you don't feel like doing your hair, check out this cute hair wrap routine that I created.

XOXO, Ericka Warnita

Memorial Day Sales Galorie and more!

I know that I am totally late to the party but it was Memorial Day yesterday and you know what that means... Sales, sales, and more SALES! Well since I am so late, I figured I would still try and get these last minute sales in for my sisters.

Here is a list of the awesomeness Memorial Day sales that are still going on and some are just sales that I fell upon. Some EXPIRE TODAY and others are still going to continue passed today. Make sure you hurry and check them out! Love ya!:

  • Forever 21 has an EXTRA 30% of sale that expires TODAY!
  • Chic Wish has the following sales below that includes FREE shipping and easy returns ( BTW, I love love love THEM!):
    • an EXTRA 15% off over $200
    • an EXTRA 12% off over $120
    • an EXTRA 10% off over $70
  • Pretty Little Thing has some gems, you just have to search with a sale of 30% off of EVERYTHING
  • H&M has up to 60% off. They also have...
    • 30% off orders $200+ use code 9632
      20% off orders $100+ use code 9477
      15% off orders $75+ use code 5333
  • Go Jane 50% off everything
  • Love Culture 25% off sitewide + FREE shipping for orders over $50
  • Lolashoetique 25% off the entire site
  •  TODAY Joy Shoetique is having a FLASH SALE of 70% off!

XOXO, Ericka Warnita

Behind The Scenes at DDH Purple Passion Fashion Show

I am back in action ladies! Oh yes! That means I will be blowing up you little devices with endless post featuring inspiration, fashion and just a little bit of what is going on in my world. So stay tuned.

 In the meantime lets talk fashion! If you follow me on social media then you would know that a couple of weeks ago I was blessed to be a part of the amazing DDH Purple Passion Fashion Show. In my latest blog post, White Walls Induced My Model Walk and Pink Happens To Be My Favorite Color you will see that I featured a couple of their simplistically elegant and fashion forward accessories. Go check them out!

Based on a few messages that I have received, I know that you all have been sitting at the edge of your little seats just waiting to hear more about the show. Well, I am here to tell you all about it finally after a couple of weeks of rest! I needed the time to rest from the pageant, so thank you for baring with me beauties.


To be completely honest, I did not know what to expect as I sat in front of designer and founder, Darieus Freeman as he told me his expectations for the show. I mean, I have seen some of the clothing and accessories during our photoshoot but as far as an overall appearance of the fashion line... I had no idea what to completely expect. It was like putting pieces of a puzzle together. Oh, but when the puzzle was all put together I was introduced to spring time, classy bliss of an assortment of purples, pinks, yellows, and blues.

As I walked into the doors of the venue hours before the show started I stopped in my tracks as my jaw dropped to the core of the earth. Standing before me was every model, expect for me, in their assembled looks and I was shook! I was in awe. I was in LOVEEEEE! Yes, a pure love bliss. I could not do anything but think of how much I wanted every single piece of clothing as I scrambled to get my get my outfit to try on. I am sure I can speak for every person in the room when I say that each piece was dipped in elegance, dressed with class but still had a hint of sassiness. The best part of it is that each outfit looked expensive but y'all it is no secret, they are affordable! *passes out*

Oh man, what a wonderful time I had! Can I take a moment and talk about how down to earth the designers are! With all of the hustle and bustle that can come with being in a show it can get pretty crazy. I mean mood swings and elbows swinging too, if you know what I mean. Lol I am totally kidding, I have never actually seen or heard of a physical fight at a show before. Nonetheless, it can get really intense as the time winds down seconds until the show. As designers, Darieus Freeman of DDH and Lynn Danbrielle rushed around shuffling their feet doing last minute alternations I never saw them break a sweat. Even in the intense emotions that lingered as rapid tears flowed from behind the curtains due to a tribute for a beautiful angel whose presence was felt through the passion that was put into every single stitch in the clothing..

I have not been in many fashion shows but if I ever get a chance to be in another show I hope that my future experiences will be as joyful as this one was. I know that the designers were proud and their loved ones are even prouder, including those looking down below and watching us from way up high. 

Watch the video below to see some behind the scenes footage from the Purple Passion Fashion Show.

Make sure to follow @2010ddh and @lynndanbrielle on Instagram and Facebook. Check out DDH Fashion at www.DDHFashion.com for NEW merchandise that will be available on 5/12/2018.

XOXO, Ericka Warnita

Work to Brunch OOTD Switchup!

How I took my comfortable, cute work outfit and changed it to go out to brunch with the girls the next day.

  • Pants from Macy's
  • Purse from TJ Maxx
  • Nude shoes from Steve Madden
  • Rose gold wedges from Steve Madden
  • Pink wallet from DDH Fashion
  • Choker from H&M

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PINK Happens To Be My Favorite Color

Did you know that my favorite color is pink. HOT PINK to be exact! Growing up I loved many different types of colors and I was never consistent in picking a color because I think that they are all beautiful in their own way. I would jump from colors like pale pink to true blue to lavender and bright orange. However,v this all stopped when one day, mysteriously, I decided that pink was my favorite color. I don't know why I picked pink. But one thing I do know is that it complements me in every way like sprinkles complement birthday cake ice cream from Marble Slab. Yummmmm, sure wish I could have some right now. Unfortunately, pageant life is keeping me from indulging in food like ice cream. Can you eat some for me?! Lol.

Well, since I brought up the pageant, I think these next two months I will be dressing in a lot of pink, just an FYI. I think I should share some of this pink goodness on Her Nature! What do you think?! Well, with this outfit that you see in the picture above I had to get a little inventive.

My BooHoo pants are Mom jeans that are a little loose on me I was able to slip a dress on and tuck it in to wear it as a blouse. Being a young christian girl growing up in the 21th century when clothes started to get tighter and shorter I had to get really creative with my own outfits. Most of my short dresses I wore as shirts and I still do this today as you can see. Modesty is key to me. When I wake up every morning I think to myself, what are you feeling today and what do you want God to see you in. People think putting outfits together like this comes naturally for me. Sometimes I beg to differ. It can take me a little time to get it all together. Somedays after a mind-wrecking day I will sit on my small closet floor and piece outfits together letting my mind explore into creativity. It is like my stress relief.

What is your favorite color? Are you interested in seeing styles with colors that you think complement you? Comment below and let me know! I might throw some outfits together just for you.

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XOXO, Ericka W.

White Walls Induced My Model Walk

Imagine, walking into a room that is nearly empty. White walls enclosing in on you as if they we rushing to meet me as I walked with four sets of eyes piercing through your soul watching your every move. One wrong step and well, it is over. Now you can picture how nervous I felt in this moment as I walked into my first casting call for a fashion show for fashion company DDH Fashion. My first casting call ever! 

I remember texting my play sister right before and she sent me her usual one to two-liner “motivational speech” as if this was going to be a piece of cake for me. My stomach said otherwise as it rumbled like a volcano ready to explode. Needless to say, despite my nerves, this happened to be one of the best experiences that I have had on a casting. 


PS, it wasn't really the white walls that induced my walk, yet, it was the need to hurry up and finish walking so that I can run to the restroom. Like I said, I had a volcano inside of me ready to explode. Lol. I like to be honest on my blog if you can't already tell!

It wasn’t as scary as I made it to be, and I have to say that even though I was frightened I am so happy to tell you that I am working alongside DDH’s team as a model and a fashion blogger! How awesome is that, right?!

DDH originated in Detroit, Michigan in 2010 and has now expanded its market to Houston, Texas. I was given the opportunity to sit down with Darieus L. Freeman, Founder and President of DDH, and he told me, “DDH is more than fashion, it is a lifestyle.” It is an affordable way for both women and men to have access to clothing that looks and feels fashion forward with a modern-day spin to it. So, not only does DDH have fashion forward looks for both women and men, that include clothing and jewelry (men’s fashion coming soon in the fall), but they will also have lipstick, lip gloss and much more that will be launching in the summer!

I don’t know about you, but I am excited to see all the cute clothes I can piece together that DDH is going to design. Throughout this month, I will have the pleasure to preview some of the classy, handmade accessories and apparel. And, guess what?! You all will be one of the first to view it with me right here on my blog! In the meantime, make sure that you mark your calendars for April 13, 2018 for the Purple Passion Fashion Show. They will officially be previewing all of the clean, sleek and classy styles from DDH women’s apparel and accessories for the Spring. Tickets are now on sale, click to purchase your ticket today. You don’t want to miss out, trust me!

For more exciting launches from DDH Fashion check out the dates below:

  • Purple Passion Fashion ShowApril 13, 2018
  • Women’s Fashion Apparel LaunchApril 30, 2018
  • Make-up line launchJuly 1, 2018
  • Men’s Fashion Apparel LaunchFall 2018

Make sure you check out their website at www.ddhfashion.com and follow their IG @2010ddh and Facebook @DDH Fashion Productions.

XOXO, Ericka Warnita


I love my ring! It is perfect.

AHHHHH! It is here! The day I have been waiting for. My ring is here and when I say that it is perfect, I really mean that it is perfectly perfect just for ME! How many of you all thought I was talking about an engagement or wedding ring?! Show of hands...lol. No ma'am I am not getting married. I am talking about my CJ ring!

I don't think many people know this about me, but I have specific jewelry that I wear all of the time. And when I say specifically, I am talking about my rings. Each ring that I wear on my little, skeleton fingers mean something special to me. I wear them everywhere I go. I never take them off even when I am in the shower. Am I the only one?! And of course, they are non-tarnished metals so that is why I wear them in the shower and wash my hands with them on. These rings are so special to me because they are symbols of constant reminders that stick with me as I glance down at my bony fingers.

For instance, I have one ring that I wear that has a diamond heart in the middle of it with a gold looped band. This ring holds a very, very, very special place in my heart. In life I know that people will disappoint me. No matter how much they try to do good by me, due to my imperfect human expectations, people will somehow always fall short. This can apply to any and everyone. I am not a hard person to please, however I do find disappoint in somethings. This ring reminds me that despite of my disappointed heart I will always get the desires of my heart through my Christ Jesus. He is the fulfiller of promises and never lets me down. So, in those moments that I feel like someone has let me down, I am reminded that there is one, the One, that will never let me down. He always reminds me that His promises will come to pass regardless of my fears, doubts, and disappointments. Numbers 23:19; Matthew 7:7

Now, the ring that I really wanted to highlight in this post is my Church Jewelry JF mini rose gold ring . It is one of my faves because it is the "fishers of men" ring. Have yall seen the little fish symbol that everyone automatically associates with Christianity. Well, when I looked up what the symbol means, in the Greek it means Ichthys. If translated, Ichthys means Jesus Christ, Son of God, and Savior. I absolutely feel in love with this ring automatically when I received it. It is so cute and simple. Just what I need, especially because I have three other rings to accompany this one on my hands.

Not only was I immediately taken back by this rings simplistic beauty, but it touched my heart because of what it symbolizes and the story behind the company.  It symbolizes the center of my life; what is at the center of my life. JESUS CHRIST. This is really important y'all!

I was so excited when I received my rose gold treasure in the mail from Church Jewelry Because it so simple but it has a little special uniqueness. Oh, and the best part is that their rings are one size fits all! Yes I said it!  It is adjustable so that you never have to worry about the ring feeling way too big or too small. And no, it is not like a ring that you can get out of the gumball machine. It is a real ring. I can honestly compare it to a James Avery ring but you don't have to wait for them to size it to your finger, Also, they ship the ring directly to you which was very timely.

I cannot wait to see what other jewelry they will have in the future! If you want to see Church Jewelry and their rings go check out Church Jewelry and follow them on IG @ChurchJewelry.

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XOXO, Ericka Warnita

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What are my favorite boots this season?

I am guessing if you are reading this either you love boots like me orrrrr you are wanting to buy some super, cute boots. When I say I love boots, I mean, I really love boots. If I could wear them without a cause of the season or event like winter or the rodeo I would totally wear them year around. Unfortunately, it gets way too hot in Houston, Texas to wear most of my boots here. And personally, don't like many boots with shorts. Just my opinion. 

If you ask anyone who has been in my closet they would probably be able to tell that I am slightly obsessed with boots.

As a women who loves fashion I have always believed that accessories are everything to an outfit. It is what can make an outfit look super, casual or make it look formal. Just a little touch of the right thing and it changes the whole outfit completely. There has been so many time that I have changed my shoes and placed a jacket on and people thought that I changed into a totally different outfit. Oh no ma'am! I do not believe in wasting perfectly good clothes that I can wear another time. Recycling clothes is my forte. And though I do have a lot more clothes than most, many of my clothes have been clothes that I have had for 5 years or more. Simply because:

a) I have barely gained any weight since high school

b) All of the clothes I could not fit high school I simply grew into.

Anyways, back to boots Here are a few boots that I thought I would definitely buy if I had all of the money in the world. Comment below and tell me which ones you like or share a link of your favorite boots this season. Also, I am so open to suggestions on new content so please comment and let me know what you want to read?

Don't forget that I do write inspirational, faith inspired blog post and devotions as well. Comment below! 

PS. I had more boots featured on here but they all deleted thanks to my unfaithful computer. Should I do another post on boots to make up for it? Let me know below!

XOXO, Ericka Warnita

My #NoMakeUpNovmeber #NaturalNovember

If you were to read my last blog post called, Why I decided not to wear makeup in November, you would see, well, why I decided not to wear makeup. And now I want to tell you what I learned about myself during that time.

I don't think I realized how much I needed this time. Being completely bare and naked from everything that covered up my imperfections. It was not only a detox for my skin but it was a internal detox for my mind as well. Just like we mask all of our flawed bumps and spots on our faces was I doing with my mind.

It never crossed my mind that uncovering my face would leave me not only facing my insecurities regarding my appearance but it also showed me my insecurities pertaining to relationships, risk-taking, my career and much more. Personally, I realized that my makeup has had a major role in areas of my life that are hard to face at times. This might not be for you but I am just telling you my experience.

When I wear red lipstick I have to have a certain shade of red. Don't you? Every shade does not look right on me, in my opinion. If I go too bright I feel like I look like a crazy clown. Ain't that crazy? Therefore, I always go for a red that is darker, almost like a burgundy. Well, when I was in college I started to wear makeup. No, I did not know what looked good on me and what looked just down right awful. I was inexperienced in that area of my life therefore I wore it all! Until one day I was wearing my favorite lipstick which was this bright cherry red and someone told me that I looked like a clown. Yes, you are right! Girl, I was hurt and from then on out I stopped wearing any lipstick that I felt made me look like a clown.

I learned that from that experience I allowed other people to dictate the way that I felt about myself. Uncovering myself this last month showed me that. That regardless of what other people say or what others may think about me, I am who I am. I can wear what I want to wear and I can be who I want to be.

Since this is something that I decided to do every November, I challenged other women to join me in not wearing makeup in November. Whether is was a couple of weeks out of the month or the whole entire month, I challenged them to embrace their beauty without masking it. This year I wanted to feature one young lady that took the challenge head first. Lets see what she learned during her experience: 

"Within the past few weeks I have learned to dig deep within myself. I have been suffering from acne for the past few months/year and never really felt true beauty without covering my blemishes. This month I started watching what I was eating and dedicating myself to doing more physical activity. Has my acne completely disappeared? No. But I have confidence in myself that I am beautifully and wonderfully made and that there is no flaw in me. That I can go without makeup and still be me, beautifully." - @KarinaBaileyRae

I appreciate this beauty for her transparency. Make sure you go follow her @KarinaBaileyRae.

XOXO, Ericka Warnita

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Why I decided to wear no makeup in November. #NoMakeupNovember #NaturalNovember

So, if you follow me on social media, @ErickaWarnita, you would see that I have decided to make November my month of "No Makeup". Yep, #NoMakeupNovember #NaturalNovember. Kind of a last minute decision of mine, but I wanted to do it to self-reflect and reminisce on the moments when I had to learn how to truly embrace myself.

It is crazy but when I thought I arrived in learning myself I later found out that I am still growing in my innate ability to embrace myself with every change that graces my presence daily. And now I am challenging other young ladies and women to do the same. Whether you wear no makeup or a natural-looking makeup this month or even just for a couple of weeks during the month (because I know some people wear makeup for reasons that don't need explaining), the point of this cleanse is to pinpoint your prominent areas, enhance them and desolate the negative thoughts about yourself in order to find peace.

Pinpoint your strengths

Pick one thing that you like about yourself. Just one. I don't care what it is, it can be your lips, hair, toes, curves, whatever. I understand some of us may have many but I want you to just focus on one. Why just one... you may ask. Well, lets look at it this way. My mother and father were told by my doctor when I was younger that I had Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD. My parents, being the faith-filled people that they are, they did not succumb to what the doctors said. They refused to put me on medication which I am so grateful for.

However, growing up I never knew that I was diagnosed with ADD. Unknowingly, I would notice I was always back and forth with everything that I did. Whether it was halfway cleaning my room or getting distracted in the back of a classroom and even with my decision making.

I would, for years, teach myself to cope with my inattentiveness by focusing on one thing and that one thing only. It was difficult. Very difficult. Seemingly almost impossible at times. When I finally found out in college that I was diagnosed when I was younger I began to get medical attention (which I am not longer taking). It was then when I was able to really focus on one thing at a time. I accomplished a lot more focusing on one thing than focusing on more than one thing. Or for lack of better words getting distracted by more than one thing.

Just like me, you must focus on one thing in order to accomplish a higher level of confidence or "enhance" that characteristic. Not on a physical level but on a mental level. Start to make affirmations about that one thing to train you brain to focus and block out all negative thoughts on anything else you may feel about yourself. Almost overriding those thoughts. Begin to say affirmations like,...

"I am beautiful. That is what I know to be true about me, I am not perfect and by no means do I want to be. But I know that I am growing in my ability to be everything that I can be. My smile radiates a room that attracts any and everyone, and my hair is the bomb-dot-com even in its worst untamable days. Girl, you are beautiful, don't you know that? Now, go conquer the world with your bad self.

This is definitely parts of an affirmation that I have written and spoken over myself as I look in the mirror in the mornings. And with everyday of focusing on one thing I began to see the beauty in the gift that I have been given whether that is my smile or my hair, just to name a couple.

Write an affirmation focusing on one thing. Once you feel like you are at a place to move to another characteristic then add another to your affirmation and watch your confidence grow.

Desolate negative thoughts


Kind of like makeup, we cover those things that we don't want people to see. But regardless of how much makeup we put on it won't cover up every imperfection. You will still see pimples bulging from your skin and the wrinkle lines that run across face or the bags under your eyes. Some things will just be there regardless of what you do.

This reminds me of The Nutty Professor, when he chemically changes himself into Buddy Love or Eddie Murphy but when the formula started to run out he turned into his natural imperfect self. The same with you. Once you take off the makeup those imperfections will still be there and there may be little you can do physically to get rid of it or it may take an extended time in order for you to deplete the imperfection. 

So how do you desolate the negative thoughts? You do that by embracing your flaws and don't fight them by covering them up. When I stopped covering my "skittles taste the rainbow" pimples, my face began to clear up and I saw me again. I always felt worse about myself when I used to wear makeup. I was trying to cover them up to look like something that I was not therefore, when I took the makeup off all I would see is my pimple-looking head again. How disappointed I was. The worse part is that I went to bed with negativity on my mind, because one of the last things I saw as I washed my face at night was what I thought was unattractive.

I stopped wearing as much makeup, let my face breathe, began to think positively, and found ways to enhance my beauty naturally and there I was. I was me, fearfully and wonderfully made.

I really challenge you to do some kind of cleanse this month in order to embrace the natural beauty that you have. Whether it is with makeup or with something else. And please encourage your friends to do it with you by sharing this post. It is your time to grow beauty. Let's walk this journey together.

XOXO, Ericka Taylor