Be Revived.

Be Refreshed.

Be Re-purposed.

Be Reconciled.

And Relive.

Meet Ericka Warnita

When my faith walk began December 2014, I learned to recognize and embrace the beautiful nature that I found within myself. This is what led me to create Her Nature and become a Christian blogger among lifestyle bloggers. My hearts desire is to share the knowledge that I have obtained with other young ladies that are seeking their purpose in life through the Divine Nature that is inside of them.

The Garden, which is what I like to call my writings, provides a place where young ladies can feel free to thrive in an underdeveloped world. Where they can be planted, watered, nurtured and groomed. We, as the female species, are like flowers; so beautiful and dainty, but live in moments in time known as seasons. Many waiting for their season to bloom, however many do not get the nutritional value that they need in order to grow. Therefore many grow old, wilt and die. We are all unique in our own shape, size and color. Nevertheless, there is one purpose that we are all here in this Garden for. What is that purpose? That is to THRIVE.

Unfortunately, we don’t ALL have the self-realization that we need in order to thrive. So, that is when FlOur-ish showers our Garden. FLOur-ish is a term that means to F.reely L.uminate Our-ish. Granted, I think we can all attest that we have issues. Right? Well, in these blog post we freely illuminate our light on the issues in our lives whether big or small when concerning ourselves. We will dig deep into the root of the “ish” so that our stems can grow and our flowers can bloom starting internally and then working our way to our outward beauty. My fashion and beauty post are not going to be your typical fashion and beauty post. Oh no!  We will be working on those inner issues as we progress ourselves to the outer beauty that we fail to see behind the mask of our "makeup and clothes". These means knowing your true identity. 

No matter where you start your journey it will always begin with her searching to find Her Nature.

Please follow and share with everyone you know. You are blessed, so lets walk in that blessing and FLOURISH TOGETHER!

Much love,